Freitag, 12. November 2010

Birmaberichterstattung hatte bereits mehrere Male auf das Atomwaffenprogramm Burmas hingewiesen

Birmaberichterstattung hatte bereits mehrere Male (zuletzt am 4. Juni dieses Jahres) darauf hingewiesen, das Nordkorea unter anderem auch Burma zur Atomwaffe verhelfen will.


Vorab die amerikanischen und europäischen Medien behaupten, von diesem Atomwaffenprogramm in der neuen burmesischen Hauptstadt Naypyidaw nichts gewusst zu haben. Nicht nur Burmaberichterstattung hatte darauf hingewiesen.

Chief-Editor jonas m lanter, 13. November 2010

13th Nov. 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi's erstes Interview über deren Ziele in Burma

Erstes Interview mit der aus dem Hausarrest entlassenen Lady;
Aung San Suu Kyi

übernommen von Mizzima News, Delhi

Erstes Interview mit Burmas Friedensikone Lady (Daw) Aung San Suu übernommen von Mizzima-News am 15.11.2010. Als Original in englisch:

Rangoon (Mizzima) – Aung San Suu Kyi confirmed yesterday that her release from house arrest on Saturday was unconditional. Her comments came at a press conference inside NLD party headquarters yesterday that followed her first scheduled speech in seven years outside.

Aung San Suu Kyi speaks to the press inside National League for Democracy party headquarters in Bahan Township, Rangoon, late yesterday, November 14, 2010. Dozens of foreign correspondents and Burmese journalists covered the event, asking questions to which the opposition leader appeared confident and spoke quickly in response, belying her age of 65 and the ordeal of detention.

Dozens of foreign correspondents covered the event alongside scores of Burmese journalists, greatly testing the venue’s capacity.

A Mizzima reporter recording the following amalgamation of reporters’ queries and her answers. The opposition leader appeared confident and spoke quickly in response.

“I don’t believe in one party or one person dominating the government. That is not democracy.”

What is your opinion of the NDF (National League for Democracy)?
Aung San Suu Kyi: It is one party among others. People receive a bad education. That is why they also have very little political savvy. Voting for what? People are not well educated in politics, which is a big difference between Myanmar and other countries.

And what happens now? How will you “try your best”? You don’t need to think of me like this. I am just trying to be the best I can, to be myself. If my actions are unsuccessful, never mind, I must still work. We had elections in 1990, at the time we won. And then now they try to make elections again.

Why did they (Burma’s ruling junta) hold another election? Elections are made according to independence and freedom of choosing as voters like. We can vote as we like. With this election, what were they thinking?

Tell us about the harsh living conditions under house arrest. You don’t need to worry about me having a horrible life, I owe a debt to you …I must work.

What hopes do you have for (true) democracy?
If we have a good democracy then a husband and wife will be very happy. If we get this, I will also be very happy. If we get good democracy then your life can be very easy, you can have a good income and I can be a normal woman the rest of my life.

What happens now for the NLD?
The NLD has a problem, that’s why we have to go to court on the 18th of this month
(Thursday). Whether the NLD is at fault or not is in the government’s hands. But even if our NLD is at fault, it is still in peoples’ hearts. The issue lies in the government’s hands. But everybody knows the truth. I didn’t found the NLD as a party, but as an organisation for change for the people of Burma. And as long as the people want change for Burma, this organisation will continue to exist.

When will democracy be achieved?
I’m not an astrologer. And I’m not such a believer in astrology. However, I have to say, as quickly as possible. But, how soon I’ll be able to achieve democracy is very much on how much support the people will give us.

What do you think of violence that has broken out during (since) the elections? It breaks my heart that our country is still trying to solve its problems with violence. I do not see violence as the correct approach to solving the country’s problems.

What is your next political action?
All actions are political, so we are constantly involved in political actions.

Do you think the junta feels threatened by you and your party, and do you feel arrest
may be imminent?
I am only one person, popularity comes and goes. In short, I don’t see any grounds why I should again be detained.

Were there any conditions of release?

When were you informed you would be released?
Around 1 p.m., that I would be released at 5 p.m. (Saturday).

15th Nov. 2010